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Beenleigh Blue
A delicious blue sheeps milk cheese from Totnes,Devon. Beenleigh has a Roquefort like tang but wi..
Book and Bucket Burns
A traditional 'squeaky' halloumi cheese which has an amazing depth of flavour and creates&..
Book and Bucket Orwell
A velvety soft cheese that packs a big flavour.   This soft cheese is slightly different ..
Book and Bucket Shakespeare
A delicious sheeps milk brie from Dorset. The cheese is individually salted which is measured o..
Greek Feta
The classic Greek salad cheese which is usually made from Ewes milk but can sometimes be a mix of..
A classic Cypriot semi-hard unripened brined cheese made from a mix of goats and sheeps milk. Hal..
Little Bo-Peep
A fine English Sheeps cheese with a delicious fruity tang made for Leopard Dairy Products. Avai..
Manchego Semi-Curado
Cured for up to three months. It is fresh and creamy, with a mild and pleasant flavour. Perfect for ..
Ribblesdale Original Sheep Cheese
Societe Roquefort
One of the Worlds best known blue cheeses. Produced in South-West France and aged in th..
A hard-pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk with a vegetarian rennet. Spenwood is matur..
Whitelake Pave Cobble
Supreme Champion of 2017 A lactic style Ewes milk. This cheese is ashed and in the shape of a flat-..
A traditional hand made washed-curd brie like cheese made from unpasteurised ewes milk and name..
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